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 W40k: Death Guard: Poxwalkers (10 figurek)
W40k: Death Guard: Poxwalkers (10 figurek)
599,-Kč skladem
 Kalendář Marvel 2021
Kalendář Marvel 2021
259,- Kč
149,- Kč skladem 
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Časopis White Dwarf 2021/01 (Issue 460)  Hračka
 Hračka Časopis White Dwarf 2021/01 (Issue 460)
Kategorie :predmet prirucka
Doporučený věk :3 roky
Jazyk :anglicky
Online obchod :1ks (zboží si rezervujte)
Zasíláme :do 24 hodin
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Aktuální cena : 169,- Kč

Popis :

Časopis White Dwarf 2021/01 (Issue 460)
White Dwarf is Games Workshop's premium Warhammer magazine, packed with amazing content each month such as new rules and background, short stories, regular columns, special guests, and more.

Here’s what you can look forward to in January’s issue:

Letters, painting advice and beautifully painted miniatures. Also, a whole load of Titans and a soul-stealing Sphiranx.

Worlds of Warhammer
Jordan Green steals Phil’s column to chat about fantastic godbeasts and where to find them.

Outside the Studio
We talk about the models we’ve painted and the games we’ve played while working in our hab-complexes.

Warhammer 40,000

Flashpoint: Charadon
Charadon Campaign: The Chromyd Front
The first worlds in the Charadon Sector come under relentless attack by the Death Guard.

Canal of the Damned
The 77th Okharium Canalguard find themselves assailed by a thoroughly unpleasant foe.

The Chromyd Front
Campaign rules for fighting on worlds in the Chromyd Sector. Includes three new Theatres of War on the Chromyd Front, each with their own unique rules, as well as three Chromyd Crusade Relics.

The Keep Extremis
Brush-master Damien Pedley unveils his latest creation – an award-winning Deathwatch army.

Index Astartes: Emperor’s Spears
An Index article for the Emperor’s Spears written by Black Library novelist Aaron Dembski-Bowden and Warhammer 40,000 rules writer Elliot Hamer.

Paint Splatter: Emperor’s Spears
Painting guides for the Emperor’s Spears – Classic and Contrast styles, naturally.

Warhost of Nemeton
Studio army painter Tangui Jollivet shares his Emperor’s Spears army with us.

A Tale of Four Warlords
The classic series is back! In this first instalment, we introduce the warlords and their new army projects.

časopis White Dwarf january 2021
Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Rules of Engagement

Games developer Louis Aguilar talks about the rules for the Sons of Behemat. It mostly involved thinking big.

Designers’ Notes: Mightier Makes Rightier
The miniatures designers and ’Eavy Metal painters talk Mega-Gargants in this appropriately huge design feature.

Paint Splatter: Mega-Gargants
Four pages of useful tips on how to paint your very own Son of Behemat.

Battle Report: Get Ready to Rumble!
The Ogor Mawtribes take on the Sons of Behemat in a gigantic 3,000-point Battle Report, in what can only be described as a highly unconventional battle – featuring multiple boulders...

A Brawl for All Seasons
When Mega-Gargants fight for supremacy, things can only end badly, as shown in this short but brutally funny story.

The Mega-brawl
An exclusive mini-game where Mega-Gargants club, stomp, and headbutt each other to find out who’s the greatest!

Games Workshop časopis

Warhammer Underworlds

Glory Points

Dave Sanders joins us to talk about the new season of the game: Direchasm!

Blood Bowl

A Decade in Review

Jim and Bob join us to talk about the fall of the NAF, the rise of the RARG, and the future of Blood Bowl!

Adeptus Titanicus
The Maniples of War
Two war-hardened Princeps discuss the tactical applications of Titan maniples.

Black Library

A New Saga Begins

Black Library author David Guymer joins us to chat about dwarfs, duardin, Gotrek, and a new series that he is working on.

Chronicles of the Wanderer: Mother of Fire
The first tale in David Guymer’s six-part series about the duardin. In this instalment, a legend will be born in fire!
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